Jun 30, 2012

Lost luggage
It’s a pain in the butt but there is a solution, Bread & Boxers!
Alexander and Henrik, two guys from Sweden had the same experience over and over. Traveling the globe, arriving in the middle of the night, no luggage…  
we have to do something about this and become rich they thought… Skal, B&B was born!
Bread &Boxers is sold from the minibar in your hotel room, next to peanuts and vodka you will find the ‘life saving’ crispy tees and boxers from B&B. 
As not all people lose their luggage they also sell at selected stores around Scandinavia and the Benelux.
I think it’s the best invention since sliced bread…
So next time you pie your pants during an important presentation in Paris, there is a solution for that, Bread & Boxers!

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