Nov 24, 2011

Safe the date
While having a battle with my business plan I got an email from ‘Nestproject’ initiator Changfang Luo. The question was clear and simple, 
‘Would you like to spread around the event, boxXshop, via your facebook page or your blog?’ My answer was simple too ‘hell yeah!’ 

boxXshop is a very special 180 minutes Christmas market on December 1 inside Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam. Approximately 30 gift shops will pop-up 40 different boxes and present to you a great variety of limited edition gifts for Christmas and Sinterklaas (a kind of Dutch Santa Claus, but then different:) 

It's created collaboratively by 30 artists, makers and designers, who will offer you goods ranging from jewelry, paper and craft, ceramics and pottery, delicatessen, crochet, to knitting. No commercial products will be sold; only personal cultures and all handmade. 
You are offered a unique night at a fab hotel, with boxes full of handmade goodies, so please for once, don’t wait until the last day before Sinterklaas or Christmas and do you shopping on December 1 at Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. Happy faces guaranteed! 

When and where: Thursday December 1st , from 6 until 9pm @ Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

… oh, don’t forget to bring your cash!

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