Aug 27, 2011

Emmanuelle Alt , May 18, 1967, is well known for her signature nonchalant Gallic charm fashion style. Dressed in black and Balmain, balancing on towering heels she now empires the Vogue residence in Paris. Alt's career kicked-off early in magazine-wonderland, at only 17 years old she became one of the youngest employees at Elle France. At only 20 years old, 1993, she became editor-in-chief at that same magazine. The editorials she involves with almost all have that famous 'Alt-signature', dark, rough and mysterious and with a 'very important' Vogue Paris September issue now under her Balmain belt, she has certainly achieved what she set out to do. Alt-Delete? Guess again! 

I like Alt cause of the mysterie, the myth and the 'don't care/come too close' attitude. But she prob is, just like you and me, now fixing herself homemade chickensoup as she has a sore throat. If you want to copy Alt, do it in style, don't overdo, there is just one Alt and you are you.


One of the 'signature-Alt' editorials


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