Jul 14, 2011

Designers from Tomorrow at Amsterdam Fashion Week Downtown
It’s that time of the year again, Amsterdam Fashion Week. This year AIFW was opened by Spijkers and Spijkers with their latest collection for SIS. It’s not that easy to get a ticket for one of the shows, you have to mingle, lie and cheat, know the right people or be a business person or supplier. Or you have to be a famous Dutch person (it’s very easy to get that title here in Holland), but even though I’m a famous blogger;-) I didn’t get any tickets this year. 
But AIFW thought about us ‘ragtag’ too and introduced ‘Amsterdam Fashion Week Downtown’. So now even ‘us’ people can enjoy Amsterdam Fashion Week. Pop-in and pop-up fashion shops showing their latest designs, boutiques organizing catwalks, there are fashion movies to see and, my favorite, young Designers showing us their latest collections. 
Last Tuesday night I went to one of those presentations, given at ‘The WestCord Fashion Hotel’. A group of young Designers presented their latest fashion designs in a Fashion Show called ‘Open your mind and see …!’. The room was fully packed, no famous people of course but loads of mums, dads, friends and far too many photographers. The Fashion Show was given by Denise Aartsen, Lana Wijnands, Sanne Haselager, Kunji Baerwald and Daphne van den Heuvel, all young Designers, just graduated or just finishing their latest or second collection. 
The one that made a huge impression on me was Daphne van den Heuvel. Not only her Fashion Designs are stunning and refreshingly innovative. Daphne truly knows what she wants and knows that she will get it in time and still is a pretty down to earth girl. After the runway I talked to her and this is what she had to say about her latest collection called ‘My house’.

“I run into a photo series of Matthias Heiderich who is famous for his pictures he took of buildings, mainly flats in the 60’s and 70’s. I really liked the pictures and in my mind I saw the colors and different prints in the buildings which I just needed to translate into fabrics. I then started to design the fabrics, one of the technics I used was lasercut. For that technic I first created a design in Illustrator then I guided the fabric through a laser machine, therefore I was able to create that transparent ‘netting’ fabric. Others techniques I used to develop the fabrics in this collection are crochet and I pasted different sizes of felt squares on to various types of textiles to make the whole Design complete. The main and most important part of this and of all my collections is that I design and make all the fabrics myself. It maybe would be easier to buy the fabrics, but by creating and making the fabrics myself I create a whole image, a whole Design which is completely made by me. For my latest collection ‘My House’ the silhouettes and cut of the Designs are inspired by movies from the 60’s such as Alphaville and Blow up with Jane Birkin.”

Leaves me by telling you ‘watch this girl’, hopefully by next year she will be at Amsterdam Fashion Week and then you don’t have a ticket … ;-) No worries, I’ll keep you posted on the progress of Daphne van den Heuvel!
Hereby some pics of Daphne’s fashion show and some of her illustrations. Next to Designing, Daphne 'kicks ass' pencil too!

Daphne's inspiration and illustrations

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