Jul 4, 2011

Rich Hippie nd Nature Girl
Feels good, smells good and, as all organic, probably taste good as well ...

Nature Girl, the new skin care line by Nannette Pallrand (creator of Rich Hippie organic perfume), uses organic and wildcrafted ingredients grown on small, family-run farms from all corners of the world. The products are safe for your health and safe for the environment, hip and chic, organic and green, funky and fresh, happening and just plain fun.
Nature Girl donates a large portion of after-tax profits to projects that benefit and improve the lives of women and the enviroment.
Rich Hippie perfume is made in very small batches with tremendous care, to bring you a product that is both safe for your health and safe for the enviroment. Rich Hippie perfume is made using traditional methods. Their "spirits of wine" or wine alcohol is all natural and better yet, it is made from organically grown grapes harvested from the great wine regions of California. All of the plant and flower extracts they use are organic or wildcrafted and carefully selected with the utmost attention to quality.

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