Jul 22, 2011

An unusual name for exceptional bags.
We women like bags, dot. But why, why do we find bags so desirable and irresistible? It's partly because bags have become a unique outward statement of a woman's status - earning our own money and therefore earning power - and the rising popularity of handbags over the past 100 years has followed the increasing social independence of their owners. The message is clear, clothes are superfluously - it's all about the It-Bag.
A bag contains our life, our survival kit for daily life in the urban jungle - from mobile phone, make-up, umbrella, money and keys, clean underwear, laptops, magazines, chewing gum and much more, so our bag needs to be big. We need and like them big and we want other women asking us 'where did you get THAT one'.
Well, I have found you THAT one and THAT one is called PHILOMIJN! 
Philomijn Eijssen, graduate at ArtEZ Arnhem, designs bags and not just any bags, nope, bags that make us women become undecidable and greedy, but we don't mind, so we end up with two PHILOMIJN'S, so what ...
Philomijn's bags (and cushions, phone cases, belts, scarfs, wallets, baby shoes) are (hand)made from tough rough and mostly all from ecological leather, leather that had a good life before becoming a PHILOMIJN Design. To make the Designs even more eco, Philomijn uses nature products to color them and with vegetables like rocket and rhubarb they almost sound good enough to eat too. Because of how she 'works' the leather it becomes even more pretty while using it. I got my first PHILOMIJN 3 years ago and if it could talk it ... 'She' got lost and found in Paris, found her way around Prague, took the plane to LA and HK, sunbathe on Ibiza, and she's still here, looking more pretty than ever!
PHILOMIJN has character, the label has balls and because the label isn't that big (yet, working on it) you walk the streets with an 'unusual' bag, a bag that makes other women say 'I want THAT one'!

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