Jul 18, 2011

Modefabriek SS 2012
I can and will be very short about next years Summer collection ... there will be nothing refreshing- innovatively new, almost all stays the same. I know, boring eh! The wedge, jumpsuit, fancy jogging trousers, printed tees, maxi dress, just keep it in your closet and you will be ready to hit Summer 2012. Even the colors don't change, maybe you will see a bit more ocher, but that's just because its THE color for Winter 2012.
But still I found you some highlights. If you want to look 'special' next year, get something from 'far less mainstream' labels like Sober and Avelon. Sober for their great cuts, smashing shorts, great shirts and light colors and Avelon for their soft leather, natural colors and funny printed tees. I also saw some great design from practically new Designers. Please remember these names, Magnus Dekker and Bram van Diepen, maybe not that huge now, but they will be. Magnus Dekker won the 'Frans Molenaar' price of 2011 and Bram was approached this year by the London College of Fashion and asked to apply for a Masters course with the possibility of a scholarships worth 15.000 pounds.
Leaves me by showing you some pics that I took during the day, Njoy!


Magnus Dekker

Bram van Diepen

And before I forget, we at Sukha Amsterdam bought you some new shoes from Noë. Available from Thursday July 21!

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