May 24, 2011

Three chicks and a mustache
While being on a job hunt to get me that Fashion job, I run into the 3 girls of StudioRUIG. No job available they said, but you are more than welcome to come over to visit our studio. Daft me as I didn’t know their studio was all down south, so it took me two hours to get to Eindhoven. But hey, you got to give some to get some. 
And I got some! 
First of all, these young girls, Klaartje, Inge and Sophie, rock as in solid rock-nd-roll! Their Designs are something else, though very wearable and made off the most beautiful fabrics, fearless leather, soft silk, jersey and poplin and cozy wool. 
And this is how the fairytale;-) started … It all started way back in 2009, during their lunch break at the cafeteria of the School of Arts in Utrecht ...   
The girls all wanted to start their own independent fashion label and as 3 never is a crowd, the 3 musketeers decided to conquer the world together. 
The 3 of them knew exactly what they wanted and their designs had to be for that same kind of independent, bold and outstanding women. 
When they first started StudioRUIG, which btw means rough, the girls made the whole collection themself, they only had help from a few interns, knitting grandmas and friendly neighbors. Nowadays they get a little help from overseas and that’s good, they now have more time to do what the girls do best, designing! 
But their scarf you will be wearing this Winter, yes you will, is still made by their sweet knitting grandmas. 
While being there we talked about how hard it is to start your own company in times like these. I asked them in a funny way, so the only thing you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner are peanut butter sandwiches and they all start laughing, turned around, pointed at a shelf and said yep. 
And that’s what I like about these girls. The 3 of them are so down to earth, full of passion and talent and they all have that wicked sense of humor which I love! 
So before you start asking ‘where did you got that great dress’ and ‘oh can I borrow your scarf, pleeeease’, have a look at their website and buy your own stuff! 
Photography by Went&Navarro

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