Mar 3, 2011

muses & rebels ... as Summer is on its way and we can't wait to show off our tanned arms, we have to make sure these arms are even more worth it looking at. I have found a great label with Ibiza minded friendship-bracelets and necklaces. 
This is what the label tells us about themselves ... a muse naturally inspires, a rebel dares to be different, muses & rebels are the trendsetters Muses & rebels is a line for the inspirational and rebellious. Roll out of bed, throw on a tee, your favorite jeans, a m&r necklace and be ready for anything. Slip on a little black dress, vintage leather boots, an understated bracelet and unintentionally become a muse.  Day or night, take a risk and wear something different. Muses & rebels was created by a los angeles designer and released its first collection of innovative jewelry in 2010. Each piece is a unique mix of materials, techniques, colors and textures that can pair with anything and be worn anywhere. Tees, tanks, vintage reworks and so much more are coming soon.

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