Feb 9, 2011

Vavavoom Vadum!

Vadum is blending richness with roughness, creating a no fuss feminine look with an urban sharpness.
This duality is an important force of the collection emphasizing an independent spirit rooted in a modern esthetic
Vadum mixes the urban casual feeling with a clean cut silhouette added eksklusive, feminine styles - always focusing on great comfort and a cool look. Vadum is combining clean shapes, quirky details and strong graphical prints influenced by modern art scenes, music and street life.
The brand is based on 2 main stories...
A white label for the casual ROUGHNESS and a black label for the exclusive RICHNESS....
The woman wearing this collection is both looking for an easy wearable casual collection for everyday use inspired of her boyfriends wardrobe – and on the same time a woman that likes dressing up with a more fluid, femininie sexy look putting on heels....


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