Feb 7, 2011

Amsterdam-based label Avelon by Erik Frenken is my new fav in town. 
The S/S 2011 collection is full of seasonless pieces. The chic but casual look is appealing to someone who doesn't like 'difficult' clothes. But, it's more than that with Avelon for me. It's the details of each piece that gives them everlasting appeal. The colours, the fabrics the style breathes 'Bien' and with Sprmrkts invite you get a 10% discount!
And this is what they are telling us about themselves ...
Avelon is a fashion brand and we think it's the most beautiful in its kind. We aim to be special & limited without being "exclusive". If you are aware of your sense of style and aim to be recognized for showing an understated personal signature we think you will like Avelon. Luxury garments with an edge combining delicate elements with a couple of rough touches and some devil in the details. We like to describe this our type of fashion as the 'Duck-taped Cocktail dress'. Even though we want our clothes to be realistic and affordable, they should always be special and distinguished. We want to create an independent and season-less look for every occasion!

Invite-avelon (by sprmrkt) 

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