Jan 16, 2011

Green Fashion

No, it doesn’t need to smell or look greyish …
Lets start with organic fashion, yes it really does exist.
We all know that organic food is good for us… but organic fashion is new to most people.
The clothes we wear are an expression of our own personalities and lifestyle. When you have enough money to buy organic food there’s no better way to spread the word than by wearing organic and eco-friendly fashion. Organically produced fabrics have all the fair trade benefits of organically-produced food. In 2005 retailer Barney’s sponsored a special runway at New York’s Fashion Week called FutureFashion. At the event the fashion designers showed their designs which were only made from eco-friendly fabrics and materials including hemp and bamboo.
No, organic fashion isn’t only worn by skinny grey-skin people who only wash themselves once a …. don’t wanna know. Take designer Linda Loudermilk, called "Vivienne Westwood of eco" by Elle Magazine. Her “luxury eco” line of clothing and accessories uses materials made from plants including bamboo, soya and sasawashi. The latter is a fabric made of Japanese paper and the kumazasa herb. No shapeless dresses made from recycled potato sacks for Loudermilk, her designs are sharp and tailored, I bet you thought going green could never look so tres chic.
I personally think that organic fashion is here to stay and I am hoping for more designers going the green way.
If you think it’s all a bit mumbo jumbo than why not start with a different ‘green’, as in recycled fashion. We have all kinds of ‘green’ fashion even vintage/secondhand clothes are ‘green’.
Vintage clothes probably aren’t made of ‘green’ fabrics as vintage is like really really really old and I don’t think Yves back then had the slightest notice of green fabrics.
Secondhand clothes on the other hand are from a few years back or even from last week, so they can be made from ‘green’ fabrics, just check the label.
I have found you some great shops where you can feel green. I love vintage and no that isn’t because of Moss calling her latest perfume Vintage Muse …nope, it’s economic, it’s environment friendly, it’s against corporate culture and more importantly it’s unique, well now it is, back then everyone was wearing Chanel …
Safe money and the planet, as long as you're green, you're growing.


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