Jan 13, 2011

Dim the lights, take the stage ...
After writing about Spijkers and Spijkers, L’Agence and Jacobs … who really doesn’t need my PR, but ok, I just adore him, its time to write about someone who really needs a good piece of PR …Me, moi! I started this blog because of some good response to my job application at Begeer & Blaak, advisors in PR. They asked for someone with lots of PR experience, why not give it a go I thought. Ok, I didn’t got the job but sure I asked them if they had any ideas how to get my ass into fashion … they came up with me starting a blog! And if Begeer & Blaak says you have to start a blog, you do so. 
So here I am and loving it!
I love to write, I love to talk and learn about fashion and I am eager to find me that job in fashion. Already in advertising half of my life, let’s spent the rest of my life in Fashion! I have been fantasizing about finding a job in fashion now for quite some time. And since dreaming about it doesn’t take you far I've decided to finally go for it!

What am I looking for? A dream job, sure, who isn’t! A job which will test me to my limits, which will give me the satisfaction I am looking for, my creativity combined with my organisational skills which will allow me to realise my ambition, becoming big, no huge in Fashion!

What am I offering? As Traffic Manager in advertising I’m the solid rock in juggling manic schedules and diaries, so I will be bringing some excellent multi-tasking and time management skills into your company. Producing and giving presentations to clients/colleagues and helping you to organise new product launches and trade fairs, been there done that! Let me organise photo shoots and events, your clients can’t be as mad as advertising creative’s … Let me do research for fashion trends and markets and I will deliver you the goods. Call me an Office/Traffic/Project Manager, call me your assistant, my label doesn’t matter, as long as I am working in fashion, that’s all that counts.

Last but certainly not for the least, you are looking at a very trendy/stylish individual, with an engaging and extrovert personality who has some real pizzazz, who has an eye for style and a hunger and passion for fashion!
Alrighty, that’s me, the whole package, get it while you can!


  1. Girlpowerrrrrr!
    you go, girl! :D

    -X- Esther

  2. If I was an employer in fashion I would most def hire you! Such a multitasking multitalent is a valuable addition for every fashioncompany :-)

  3. I 've been working quite some time with Bien. And I say, this advertising-bitch can really boost your fashion-shit. Hire her!