Jan 12, 2011

Buy-happy-go-lucky …

Shopping makes us happy, finding that one of a kind jacket or buying ourselves something from the latest MJ collection, gives us a kick, a adrenaline rush.
Alright, so buying things makes us happy, neh, not talking 'essential buying', I am talking downtown good-old-shop-in-shop-out-fashion-shopping.
Recession, where? The question of "do I need it?" is irrelevant, we women never have anything to wear … really, we don't. Dot.
Without a doubt, we live in a “buy-happy-go-lucky” world of our own, at least we want to believe when doing the shopping-deed. Buy or not to buy, that question doesn’t exist. Women love to do shopping and while doing that, we prefer to carry as many girlfriends as possible, as that is
‘gezellig’, a typical Dutch word, which I detest. Personally, I don't do shopping with friends, I truly love my friends, but 'your ass looks fat in that' that I can figure out for myself, besides that, my ass isn't fat ... is it?!   

Amsterdam, the city I live, has some great shops that 
I really have to introduce you to ...
Open your wallet and follow me …

At LockStock&Barrel they sell mouth-watering brands such as Baum un Pferdgarten,  
Emma White, Made, Mads Norgaard and Yarn Unit.
Stout, in English naughty ... lingerie, no need to say more, have a peek, you will love it.
Sprmrkt, let us talk BRANDS! Alexander Wang (+ accessories) Rick Owens, 
Helmut Lang and many many more.
You will love LouLou, this little shop provides great brands like Second Female and jewellery from VanRycke.. great service, you will never leave LouLou with something you don't like.
Cloudnine, besides great fashion brands like Fullcircle, Suit, Nique, The Furies and 
Stenim, Cloudnine sells some of the most exclusive perfumes like Bond, Carthusia 
and my own favourite CoSTUME NATIONAL.... I bet you will not leave this shop empty handed.
Restored, at the same street as Cloudnine. Restored sells unique products regarding fashion interior and accessories made by their own hand or from unknown Young designers.
High heels@Betsy Palmer, great service, leave the Uggs for what they are …
Acne, needs no introduction, they sell Acne, Acne!

So, now walk, walk walk fashion baby!

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